93% Vote in Favor of New Contract

1199SEIU members at Hopkins voted to approve our new contract on July 10 and 11, with 93% voting yes. The four-and-a-half year agreement will dramatically improve pay for long term and low-wage workers at Hopkins.

Employees at Hopkins will receive raises as high as 38 percent over the life of the contract. The Hopkins workers also won a $15-an-hour minimum wage that will apply immediately to workers with 20 years of service. Workers with 15 years of service will make at least $14.50 in 2015.

In a July 8 editorial, the Baltimore Sun said the contract “represents a victory not only for the hospital and members of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East but for Baltimore.”

Highlights of the agreement include:

• Total raises as high as 38 percent for long-time, low-paid Hopkins workers, a boost of as much as $4.30 an hour over the life of the contract.

• A $14.50 minimum wage in 2015 for workers with 15 years’ experience, whose pay will rise to over $15 an hour in 2017. Current workers will make at least $13/hour by 2018.

• Across-the-board raises of at least 2% every year, with a 2% raise and a 0.5% bonus in the first year of the contract, and a 2.75% raise in 2017.

• A process to review and improve pay for surgical techs, pharmacy techs and other workers whose pay deemed under market rates.

“This contract will make a real difference in the lives of Hopkins workers, and sets a stronger standard for healthcare workers all across Baltimore,” said Michelle Horton, a food service worker who’s been at Hopkins for nine years.

Horton will receive a 24.5 percent raise over the life of the contract. Her pay will increase nearly $3 an hour from $11.35 an hour to $14.13 an hour.